The Business Wisdom of Steph Korey, Co-Founder of the Away Luggage Company

When it comes to business some things seem really obvious, but many people don’t get it until the opportunity has passed them by. This wasn’t the case for Steph Korey and her friend Jen Rubio though. They spotted a gap in the luggage market and within three months had launched their successful Away luggage company. Let’s take a look at their story, and see what can be learned from it.

Opportunities are Everywhere

The story of Steph Korey and Jen Rubio started when Jen was mad that her cheap luggage had broken again. As the women discussed this problem, they came to the realization that there wasn’t an affordable suitcase available that was also durable. Spotting this gap in the market, the pair immediately began working to fill this gap with their own products.

Getting Feedback

Before building a prototype, Steph Korey and Jen decided to get feedback from travelers to see what they really wanted. Not only did this confirm their idea that there was a gap in the market waiting to be filled, but it also clued them in on specific design elements that travelers wanted.

Building a Quality Product

With this customer feedback in hand, Steph Korey and Jen went to Asia to speak with the manufacturers directly. Working with top professionals, they designed a revolutionary new suitcase that would be both affordable and durable. On top of this, it would also feature new technology such as a phone charger built directly into it, something that travelers had specifically requested.

Attracting Investors

Their attention to detail and dedication to their product allowed Steph Korey and Jen to attract investors who put up $2.5 million in seed capital. This allows them to launch their company quickly and easily. In fact, it had only been three months since their initial conversation about broken luggage to the time of the launch, an amazing feat in and of itself.