Randal Nardone: From Being a Lawyer into a Successful Finance Executive

At only 51 years of age, Randal Nardone is established in the global finance department. The highly experienced lawyer has the top post in a leading company that is called Fortress Investment Group. There are people who wonder how a lawyer found his way to becoming the chief executive officer of a financial services company. After practicing law for several years, Randal Nardone changed his decision to focus on an area that always excited him. When venturing into the new world, Randal Nardone had some fears, just like all professionals. However, the lawyer was surrounded by people who wanted the best for him. The people helped him to start Fortress Investment Group, and they have also worked with him hand in hand until he was experienced enough to become the CEO.

Before Fortress Investment Group formation in 1998, few people knew that Randal could practice a career in finance and at the end of it become successful. This is why millions of people consider the legal expert to be their role model when about to change their careers. The Forbes Billionaire list is one of the platforms where people go when looking for the wealthy and respected individuals in the community. Randal was valued to have a net worth of over two billion dollars in the recent publication, making him one of the wealthiest in the globe. The platform is unique when compared to any other in the market. All of the professionals and billionaires who get to the list are self-made. Randal must have worked and earned his wealth in the right way to be recognized by Forbes.

When Fortress Investment Group was acquired by one of the giants in finance, Randal Nardone was the person who made the special announcement. According to him, the global company had sold some of its share to an influential institution that would help in serving the customers who always want the best. The sell doesn’t mean that Fortress Investment Group is sinking in debts. Randal Nardone says that his company controls a significant amount of wealth for its customers in the world.