QNET: how to reduce microplastic intake in water

QNET has just made a shocking discovery. The organization, with the help of its modern experts, has realized that millions of people are taking in micro plastics without their knowledge. The prestigious Water Industry Research carried out a research using raw and untreated water. The study concluded that untreated water has almost five micro plastics in every liter. The microplastics have found their way into the water ways because people use plastics in their daily lives. People dispose their plastics in the wrong places. At the end of the day, plastic get mixed with the water, resulting into dangerous and very harmful chemicals. QNET believes that the plastics get absorbed into the water system in very strange ways. Taking untreated water might not have immediate effects on your health system, but it will always result to major health challenges when you do it for longer periods. See more of Qnet at facebook.com

Many items, especially in the modern times, contain a significant amount of plastic. Caps and plastic bottles used for water are currently leading in the cause of microplastics inside water. In the clothes people wear on their daily lives, there are small traces of plastics too. Detergents used for daily cleaning and tea bags have some share of plastics too. When experts start to break all of these things down, they start to realize that water is polluted in so many ways. Its easy to reduce the microplastics in your drinking water, according to QNET. First of all, stop using the plastic bottle to drink water. Start using the reusable bottles because they tend to conserve the environment and still give you style and personality. Start washing all of your fruits and vegetable using clean and filtered water too to reduce the intake of harmful plastics. It is essential to have a water filter in your home for all of your family needs. Read more: https://qnetscamindia.medium.com/qnet-holds-interactive-forum-debunks-negative-misconceptions-cfd3f4fcda94