Leo Radvinsky Highlights the Benefits of Older Programming Languages

Leon Radvinsky

As new programming languages developed with more efficient features, old languages like Erlang and Visual Basic quickly became obsolete. According to tech entrepreneur and open software enthusiast Leonid Radvinsky, old programming languages still have many things to offer. Leo feels that today’s software developers can have the best of both worlds when they combine software features available in the 1980s and 1990s with today’s technology.

Two Examples of Combining Old and New Programming Languages

Leo Radvinsky is especially fond of B4X and Elixir open source software for use in his own work. He recently described how B4X and the old programming language, Visual Basic, promote ease of use. Both rely on cross-platform development and offer a rich set of tools that allow developers to create and use their code on multiple platforms.

Anytime Software, the developers of B4X, used Visual Basic as a guide when creating it. They have improved upon the best the old programming language had to offer and made it possible for developers at all skill levels to use.

Erlang was a popular type of software in the mid-1980s. The main benefit of Erlang was the ability of programmers to design systems capable of handling hundreds of parallel requests without crashing or affecting overall speed. Unfortunately, Erlang had issues with code maintenance and debugging, making it impractical to use and eventually obsolete.

Elixir incorporates the best qualities of Erlang while improving the overall experience for developers. The most common words developers use to describe Elixir are “robust” and “scalable”.

As an angel investor and technology entrepreneur, Leo Radvinsky would love to see open source software become more mainstream. He recently created the LR Foundation to provide grants to developers creating open source software that improves the everyday life experience of people across the globe.

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