Jason Hughes: An Entrepreneur Who Succeeded in Silicon Valley

Jason Hughes is an entrepreneur who has had a great deal of success in Silicon Valley. Jason attended the University of California, Berkeley, and got his degree in Electrical Engineering before starting his own company at age 22. His career took off from there as he founded three companies that were all successful. He was also the CEO and Chairman of Hughes Marino, a company that handles satellite communications for businesses and government agencies around the world. The business community has recognized Jason Hughes multiple times for his success, and he was even named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990. Jason Hughes was born in San Francisco and grew up in the Bay Area, where he attended school at the University of California, Berkeley. 


He then started his first company when he was 22 years old after leaving a job that paid him $11 an hour to make computers. The computer company was named M&H Systems and was sold after five years. He founded two more companies with his business partner Peter Bonner, who is also the Vice President of Hughes Marino. The first company they founded together was named Pearl Systems, where Jason Hughes served as CEO for four years until it merged with another computer services organization called Advanced Operations in 1988. 


Their second successful venture was named Hughes Software Company, and it was also in the computer services industry. However, they closed that company in 1991 to focus on their third venture. Jason served as CEO of a tenant representation organization known as Cyberdyne Incorporated until he sold his shares in 2006. Jason Hughes´ career has been filled with many significant accomplishments, such as being the Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990. 

Still, he is most proud of establishing Pearl Systems, a company that provided video teleconferencing between corporate headquarters for Fortune 500 corporations. He has also been recognized many times by various organizations and publications, such as being named one of America’s Top 40 Business Persons in 1999 and then earning The Globe Award in 2000. Jason Hughes has been listed as one of the Top 100 Business Leaders in San Diego for six consecutive years up to 2005, a testament to his success and hard work ethic.