How Roland Dickey Jr. Turned a Family Business into a Franchise

Roland Dickey the CEO of the wildly successful fast-casual restaurant Dickeys BBQ. He inherited the restaurant from his family and was able to grow the franchise brand to what it has become today.

When the brand was still in the ownership of Roland Dickey Jr.’s father work was put into giving the brand something that would stand out. He developed his recipes and stayed true to the authentic southern BBQ cuisine. From there the popularity soared.

Once the brand became big the franchising began. Roland Dickey Jr. was able to make the business what it is because of his personal stake in the company. Roland employed all the tools he had under his belt to grow the business to what it is today. Employment of information technology was especially useful. Roland Dickey Jr. also came up with his own data platform. The platform was able to collect information that was pivotal to the success and growth of the company.

A family-oriented work culture, taking risks, and always moving forward also contributed to the success of Dickeys BBQ Restaurant. Those skills helped the company to roll with the punches and overcome forms of adversity that came their way.

Roland Dickey a native of Dallas, Texas, which also is the home of the original Dickeys BBQ. Before dipping his feet into the family business, he worked in hospitality. His first car was even the less than glamorous Dickeys BBQ catering van. He went on to get his B.A. at Southern Methodist University. Roland Dickey Jr net worth is about 10,000,000. Roland Dickey Net Worth is put towards philanthropic pursuits.Go here for related Information.


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