Entrepreneur Edgard Corona on how the coronavirus pandemic has altered the gym industry

Edgard Corona is an entrepreneur known for holding his own gyms through the name Bio Ritmo. He is the leader of the SmartFit network and discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has altered the gym industry. Corona had to take swift action last March by freezing accounts and closing units.

However, Edgard Corona used SmartFit to publish free online classes so people could exercise while at home. The groundwork was already being done as the company was able to reach 8 million people in Brazil with the online sessions. The entrepreneur from Brazil had plans to open many more units but the pandemic had changed such plans.

The businessman believes not many gyms will be opened in 2020 as a result of the shutdowns and the income will need to be allocated to staying afloat during the closures. His company, along with SmartFit, has been able to do quite well despite all the challenges faced by the pandemic. The entrepreneur shares he met with fellow entrepreneurs each week to discuss what to do going forward and made an ingenious plan on reopening.

Some of the changes they already had to make after going through some meetings were having machines spaced out, having fewer machines in the building, implementing temperature checks on customers, and mandating the use of masks inside the gyms. Edgard Corona believes more and more people want to be active. For example, he has seen more people in China go to gyms and believes the same will happen in Brazil.

The entrepreneur does admit that it was a tough past year. One of his main suggestions to other entrepreneurs is to plan for the short term and come up with solutions. Another foundation is to always think about the customer because they are what keeps the business running. Edgard Corona also argues entrepreneurs should try to help out in the country in any way they can to get through the pandemic.

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