Certified Leadership Capacity for Abdulla Al Humaidi

Kuwaiti European Holding is a leading company owned by Abdulla Al Humaidi´s family. The establishment is famous for its input in the health industry. It started in 2008 under the management of Abdulla to deliver a wide range of services. KEH moves with the market trends, allowing shareholders and the communities around its headquarters to invest safely. Abdulla Al Humaidi, serving as the Executive Vice Chairman and the CEO of the institution, has also worked in organizations in the past, gaining extensive leadership experience. He has developed the company immensely since the time he founded it. 


His engagements at the institution have brought significant transformation to several industries including, healthcare and business. The entrepreneur has become famous in various regions like the United Kingdom. Abdulla Al Humaidi is an experienced investor with a variety of skills in the financial industry and the hospitality sector. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is a famous business leader in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where he served several companies before founding KEH. 


He worked as the CEO and the Executive Vice Chairman, which gave him the skills and experience to start his business. The entrepreneur has demonstrated his capacity to influence the business industry through development strategies. Subsidiaries such as Armila Capital, the London Resort, and Ebbsfleet United Football Club have started under his management (Kentonline).


The organization expanded over the years, creating six subsidiaries that have also grown significantly. It has spread its wings to sectors such as tourism, real estate, and the financial industry. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi,  KEH strives to identify viable projects through which investors can benefit immensely. Many shareholders depend on the institution as it continues to invest heavily in projects that feature long-term benefits. It has become an essential investment platform for the communities around the regions it represents.


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