Betsy DeVos Looks for Ways to Empower Parents and Students

Empowerment is not just a word. For Betsy DeVos, empowerment is a goal. Betsy DeVos has spent a long time thinking about ways that she can help empower those in most need of her help. For her, this means working hard to ensure that all kinds and their parents are happy with the choices they have when it comes to their local school districts. Her work means that kids are not longer confined to their regional schools. Instead, they can pick out which particular schools they happen to like best. That means having a school that help them be the best they can be and leave school with all the tools they need to do well in life. She has done a lot to help parents come up with new ideas and parents. Parents and kids can now pick from varied types of schools all over the United States.


Her Work


Her work has largely focused on the need to create choices that make life easier. Many parents are trapped in a school that might not help their kids learn. They are not happy with the schools they need to enter in the morning and leave in the afternoon. Betsy DeVos would like to see them find ways to get things done better. She has spent a lot of time coming up with ways that can help increase the chances that students will find the schools they like best. Her advocacy has focused on the notion of school choice. Schools also benefit when they have someone around who is pushing them to do their best for their students. Parents and educators all over the United States know they can count on Betsy DeVos for help. She’s there to provide them with lots of very fine choices right now.


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