Aviation Technology Pioneer- ZeroAvia

Among 100 of the most promising pioneers of technology this year, ZeroAvia, excels in advancing aviation’s hydroelectric power trains using innovative methods to cut down on emissions released into the atmosphere. The conventional aircraft engine’s power trains are being replaced by zero emission, decarbonized power trains that are used in commercial airplanes. ZeroAvia aviation company’s unique technology sets its sights on lowering emissions using hydrogen electric solutions in 10 to 20 seat commercial planes. 

The California based company, ZeroAvia, is honored by their recognition as one of the world’s leaders in aviation technology by the World Economic Forum. With hundreds of promising candidates worldwide, ZeroAvia has been selected as a global leader (Techcrunch). 


Val Miftakhov, ZeroAvia’s founder, says that ZeroAvia’s unique technology will make a difference in the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere, offering a cleaner source of energy. With companies based in the United States and the United Kingdom, the aviation company now holds certificates from the CAA and FAA for test flights in commercial planes. ZeroAvia’s eyes are set for 2024 for public use, including transportation of not only passengers, but also for use in agricultural and cargo transportation.

Up to now, successful Susan Nesbitt from the World Economic Forum welcomes ZeroAvia aviation company as this year’s leader in aircraft technology. As they join other world leaders who are striving to make a difference in the aviation industry and in improving issues that are important, both globally and nationwide. ZeroAvia has proudly accepted the invitation to speak at World Economic Forum meetings and conferences as they move through experimental phases to use zero emission aircraft technology in power trains in commercial airplanes.