Augmedics CCO Tim Murawski

A longtime corporate leader and expert in biotechnology, Tim Murawski is currently acting as the President and Chief Commercial Officer for Augmedics, a company that specializes in developing medical devices using augmented reality technology. With over 20 years of managerial experience and an excess of knowledge in the field of medical devices, Tim Murawski has provided a wealth of expertise and wise decision making to the companies he’s had a part in.


Murawski worked with Mazor Robotics for a decade, being promoted to increasingly complex roles through the years he worked for the Israeli medical device company. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, Murawski held numerous positions among medical tech companies both long standing and startups, promoting their products to aid the quality of care patients received and enhancing the care that medical professionals provided (Bloomberg).


Successful businessman and investor Tim Murawski has played a significant role in the surgical robotics market, while also being pivotal to the growth of more than a few device companies. His hard work and dedication is apparent, working tirelessly at Augmedics for decades for the promotion of innovation and the future of medical technology. Ever studious and willing to expand his horizons, he’s worked for many companies in the US, and has experience with ones all over the globe.


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