Andrew Frame Explains His Tech Industry Success

Andrew Frame is an outstanding business leader and a tech expert who has risen to fame as the founder of Citizen. This app enables individuals across the country to stay safer by providing them with immediate security updates on any concerning events happening around them. The app has also introduced the SafeTrace future for Covid-19 transmission for contact tracing during the pandemic. Besides this, Frame has had numerous other wins throughout his career, spanning more than two decades. During a recent interview, this tech guru came out to explain his entrepreneurial success.

An outstanding career

The Citizen App founder mentioned that he launched his tech industry career at age 15 when he dropped out of high school to start an ISP (Internet Service Provider) company in 1995. The company went on to become the industry leader in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1997, when he was just 17, he was recruited to the Globe Center of Expertise (GCOE) as a support engineer dealing with routing architecture. While at the company, he also pursued dual CCIE Certifications from Cisco, becoming the youngest person to earn the accomplishment.

Andrew Frame took his career to Procket Networks to become a test engineer in 2001, and in 2004, he launched a VoIP company, Ooma, headquartered in Palo Alto. In 2007, the company had raised more than $27 million in funding, and he was named among “Tech’s Best Young Entrepreneurs” and “Tech’s Next Gen: The Best and Brightest.” by Businessweek.

Coming up with Citizen

Andrew Frame pointed out that the idea for Citizen came to him after he decided that he wanted to use his entrepreneurial talents to start a company that was more mission-oriented and would directly impact the lives of its consumers. He noticed that personal security was among the most neglected areas in tech. This was when he had the idea that a company like Citizen might make a massive difference in how safe people feel in their daily lives. sRefer to this article for related information.


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